X-Men: First Class Is First Rate At the Box Office

X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class takes you on an intellectual journey with two men that met in their younger days at Oxford University. Although they were uniquely different, the pair was able to compliment one another with brains, religion and their outlook on life. The lives of Charles Xavier and Erik Magnus Lenshurr may have seemed world’s apart, however, they fit like a glove when collaborated together.

Charles Xavier was born into a wealthy family and enjoyed the Silver Spoon lifestyle with an exclusive upbringing at Eaton. During Xavier’s time at Oxford, he excelled in math, chemistry and physics and was installed as captain of the prestigious Oxford La Crosse team.

Erik Magnus Lenshurr had a difficult life as a child, coming from a remnant of family that survived the Nazi gas chambers. His will to push forward, coupled with an acute ability to mentally bend metal, allowed him to escape capture from a train car and flee to France. Erik Magmus Lenshurr also possessed a remarkable gift for languages, mastering French, German, Hebrew and English. This propensity for linguistics would earn him a scholarship to study at Oxford, and hence, the deeply rooted relationship would begin.

Once close friends and exuding mutual respect for each other’s political views, the tide would turn and pit the two former friends against each other. The X-Men: First Class is a wild ride with a battle of wits and strength to follow one’s own mad course.

X-Men: First Class was artfully directed by Mathew Vaughn and stars Jeniffer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Rose Byrne, James McAvory, January Jones, Nicholas Holt, Kevin Bacon, Zoe Kravitz and Oliver Platt. X-Men: First Class is rated PG-13 for strong language, violence and frightening images. Although X-Men: First Class may not be suitable for sensitive viewers, this motion picture is first rate and what an action/adventure film is all about.

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